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Urban Secondary Education

The Urban Secondary Education degree requires 81 academic credits (approximately 23 courses). The integrated bachelor’s and Master of Arts in Teaching program in the Urban Education program is designed for students who have a particular interest in learning about and teaching in the dynamic environment of urban schools. First-year and transfer applicants may apply for accelerated bachelor’s to master’s degrees. Admission into the graduate portion of the program is based on performance at the undergraduate level. Current undergraduate TCNJ students may be eligible for an accelerated program by meeting program requirements and should consult with the intended program’s coordinator for more information.

Undergraduate Admissions

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Undergraduate bulletin

Download a printable version of the Urban Education Planning Sheet.

1st Year

Class Title Credits Term
SED 099 College Seminar 0 SP
EFN 299: Schools, Communities and Culture+ 4 SP

❖ Students must pass or place out of the Praxis Core Exam.

2nd Year

Class Title Credits Term
SPE 103:  Social and Legal Foundations of Special Education 4 FL
SED 224: Adolescent Learning and Development+ 4 SP

3rd Year

Class Title Credits Term
EFN 398: Historical and Political Contexts of Schools 4 SP
EFN 357: Investigating Systemic Inequalities Impacting Urban Education+ 4 SP

❖ Students must select their Urban Concentration by the end of their 3rd year.
Urban Concentration Choice (TESL, Special Education, Literacy):

4th Year Fall

Note: * = Graduate Course

Class Title Credits Term
ELE 302:  Introduction to Teacher Research 4 FL
EFN 311: Working within Urban Communities+ 4 FL
ESLM 578:   Theory & Practice of Teaching ESL
3* FL
EED 380:  Teaching Writing (English Student Only) 4 FL

**Note: Students who choose the TESL Concentration will need to take ESLM 577 in the Fall (instead of ESLM 578) and take ESLM 587 in the Spring.

To move from pre-candidacy to candidacy in the secondary education program you must meet the following conditions:

  1. All candidates must earn a B- in EFN 299, SED 224, and SPE 103. English majors must also achieve a B- in EED 380 and math majors must achieve a C- in MTT 380
  2. Meet NJ Department of Education basic skills requirement which can be fulfilled by the SAT, ACT, and Praxis Core Academic Skills
  3. Achieve a minimum GPA of 2.75

4th Year Spring (Clinical I)

*These courses must be taken as a 3-course block

Class Title Credits Term
SED 399:  Pedagogy in Schools+ 4 SP
XXX 390:  Discipline-Specific Methods 4 SP
RAL 328:  Reading in Secondary Education 4 SP
ESLM 587:  Curriculum, Methods, &Assessments for ESL/Bilingual Education (TESOL Concentration Only)
3* SP

To move forward to Clinical Experience II in the program students must:

  1. Achieve a minimum of B- in all courses in Clinical Experience I
  2. Achieve a minimum GPA of 3.0
  3. Have taken the Praxis II

Summer between 4th Year & 5th Year

Class Title Credits Term
Concentration Course #1 3* SU
Concentration Course #2 3* SU

5th Year Fall (Clinical II)

Class Title Credits Term
SCED 695:  Internship II in Secondary Education+ 6* FL
SCED 667: Internship II Capstone 3* FL

5th Year Spring

Class Title Credits Term
SPED 631: Curriculum and Methods for Students w/Mild Disabilities 3* SP
EDFN 627: Critical Pedagogy (Urban Capstone) 3* SP
SCED 700: Comprehensive Exam (Co-Requisite with EDFN 627) 0* SP
Concentration Course #3 3* SP
Concentration Course #4 3* SP

To successfully complete the program and be recommended to the NJ Department of Education for certification, students must:

  1. Earn a B- in SCED 695 and B- in SCED 677
  2. Pass the Praxis II
  3. Maintain at least a GPA of 3.0
  4. Pass edTPA

Concentration Courses

View concentration courses.

Course Planners for Urban Secondary Education