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Information for Transfer Students

Program Description

The Master’s of Arts in Teaching degree in Urban Education is designed for students who have completed high school and are first-time freshman and for transfer students from community colleges or other four-year programs. In assessing a student’s transcript, the College tries to give transfer credit for as much as possible. Official transfer evaluations however, are only completed after a student has been accepted into the program. Equivalency tables for transfer credits from other colleges can however, provide you with useful guidance. Please note that according to College policy:

No more than 16 course units (=64 semester hours) may be transferred from schools designated as community colleges or junior colleges. No more than 20 course units (=80 semester hours) may be transferred from all sources. A maximum of 3 of these courses may count toward the deaf education major.

At least 12 course units must be earned at The College of New Jersey.

Normally the student’s last eight course units will be taken at the College. No more than three course units in the senior year may be earned away from the College. Such enrollment must be expressly approved in advance by the student’s department and the Office of Records and Registration.
Students must complete all requirements of both majors regardless of the number of credits that have transferred to TCNJ. Students must also transfer in or complete coursework that is required for New Jersey certification as a teacher.

As we are not a stand-alone master’s program, our program can not accept students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree. Students must transfer into the undergraduate program and continue into the 5th year to earn the master’s degree.