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Math Urban Secondary Education Curriculum

The Math Urban Secondary Education degree requires 74 academic credits (approximately 21 courses).

Download a printable copy of the Math Urban Secondary Education Advising Checklist (Math).

1st Year

Credits Term
SED 099 College Seminar 0 SP
EFN 299: Schools, Communities and Culture+ 4 SP

❖ Students must pass or place out of the Praxis Core Exam.

2nd Year

Credits Term
SPE 103: Social and Legal Foundations of Special Education 4 FL
SED 224: Adolescent Learning and Development+ 4 SP

3rd Year

Credits Term
ELE 302: Introduction to Teacher Research 4 FL
MTT 380: Methods of Teaching Mathematics I 4 FL
EFN 398: Historical and Political Contexts of Schools 4 SP
EFN 357: Investigating Systemic Inequalities Impacting Urban Education 4 SP

❖ Students must select their Urban Concentration by the end of their 3rd year.

Urban Concentration Choice (TESL, Special Education, Literacy)

To move from pre-candidacy to candidacy in the secondary education program you must meet the following conditions:

  1. All candidates must earn a B- in EFN 299, SED 224, and SPE 103. English majors must also achieve a B- in EED 380 and math majors must achieve a C- in MTT 380
  2. Meet NJ Department of Education basic skills requirement which can be fulfilled by the SAT, ACT, and Praxis Core Academic Skills
  3. Achieve a minimum GPA of 2.75

4th Year Fall (Clinical I)

Note: * = Graduate Course

*These courses must be taken as a 3-course block

Credits Term
SED 399: Pedagogy in Schools+ 4 FL
MTT 390: Discipline-Specific Methods 4 FL
RAL 328: Reading in Secondary Education 4 FL
EFN 311: Working within Urban Communities+ 4 FL
*Additional School Hours required for EFN 357 practicum and/or through school mentoring to meet NJ state requirements. Students must complete 100 hours between Clinical I & Clinical II.
ESLM 587: Curriculum & Methods/Multilingual Populations 3* SP

**Note: Students who choose a TESL concentration will take ESLM 545 & ESLM 579 in the Spring (instead of ESLM 587) and will need to overload in the Spring if they need to take both MAT/STA Options.

To move forward to Clinical Experience II in the program students must:

  1. Achieve a minimum of B- in all courses in Clinical Experience I
  2. Achieve a minimum GPA of 3.0
  3. Have taken the Praxis II

Summer between 4th Year & 5th Year

Credits Term
Concentration Course #1 3* SU
Concentration Course #2 3* SU

5th Year Fall (Clinical II)

Credits Term
SCED 695: Internship II in Secondary Education+ 6* FL
SCED 667: Internship II Capstone 3* FL

5th Year Spring

Credits Term
SPED 631: Transition and Community Based Instruct 3* SP
EDFN 627: Critical Pedagogy (Urban Capstone) 3* SP
SCED 700: Comprehensive Exam (Co-Requisite with EDFN 627) 0* SP
Concentration Course #3 3* SP
Concentration Course #4 3* SP

To successfully complete the program and be recommended to the NJ Department of Education for certification, students must:

  1. Earn a B- in SCED 695 and B- in SCED 677
  2. Pass the Praxis II
  3. Maintain at least a GPA of 3.0
  4. Pass edTPA

Concentration Courses

View concentration courses.

Math Course Planners

Math Urban Secondary Education