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Urban Elementary Education

Qualify for New Jersey certification in grades K–6 and Teaching English as a Second Language.

This integrated bachelor’s and master’s program is designed for students who have a particular interest in learning about and teaching in the dynamic environment of urban schools. Prepare to teach in an elementary school, developing the skills and knowledge of a highly effective teacher. This program integrates liberal arts study, education theory and practice, and extensive fieldwork, including a full semester of supervised classroom teaching. Students receive guidance from faculty advisers, ensuring excellent support. First-year and transfer applicants may apply for accelerated bachelor’s to master’s degrees.

Admission into the graduate portion of the program is based on performance at the undergraduate level. Current undergraduate TCNJ students may be eligible for an accelerated program by meeting program requirements and should consult with the intended program’s coordinator for more information.

Students in the Urban Elementary Education program are dual majors and must select one of twelve approved content area majors:

  • African American Studies
  • Art
  • Biology
  • English
  • History
  • Integrative STEM
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Women’s & Gender Studies

1st Year

2nd Year

  • MAT 105, MAT 106*, BIO 104, PHY 103
  • Field Placement: RAL 221/ELE 201, MTT 202/MST 202
  • *Psychology and Sociology majors are exempt from MAT 106
  • Consider taking one 5 unit semester, a summer course or J-mester

3rd Year

  • Classes:
    • Register for SOM through ELE/ECE office (Spring only)
  • Begin thinking about Praxis testing
  • Field placement: SOM 203
  • Consider taking one 5 unit semester, a summer course or J-mester

4th Year

  • Apply for graduation
  • Apply for Year 5/Graduate application – no fees, essays, or letters needed
  • Classes:
    • Introduction to Teacher Research/ELE 302 (Fall only)
    • Complete elementary education requirements for student teaching application for 5th year (global, middle school)
    • Fall – ESLM 577 or ESLM 578
    • Spring – ESLM 545 or ESLM 587
    • You must reach 32 units (128 credits for your Bachelor’s degree)
    • Graduate courses count toward Graduate degree
    • Decide about summer courses in Mallorca
  • See advisor to plan courses for 5th year!
  • Global Student Teaching


  • Mallorca classes are optional
  • Classes:
    • Maymester course (SPED 525)
    • If no Mallorca courses, then take EDUC 614
  • Mallorca information

5th Year

  • Classes:
    • Internship 1 – EDUC 694 (Fall only)
    • Internship 2 – EDUC 695 & ELEM 690 (Spring only)
    • ESLM 577, ESLM 578, ESLM 579 (Fall only)
    • ESLM 587, ESLM 545, ESLM 525 (Spring only)
    • Distribution requirement: choose 1 — (SPED 525 (May), ELEM 515 (Spring), EDUC 614 (all semesters)
  • ELSM 700 Comprehensive Test
  • Field Placement Tests: Internship 1 and Internship 2