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Where are our Grads Now?

Katherine Grasso  is a STEM teacher at Raritan High School in Hazlet, NJ

Beth Dorrity  is in her 4th year teaching 7th grade Math at South Plainfield Middle School. She lives in Woodbridge, NJ and is extremely enthusiastic about her job. She also coaches High School Girls’ Ultimate Frisbee in Westfield, NJ during the spring season.

Ashley Gianfrancesco  teaches 7th grade Math at South Plainfield Middle School.

Kelsey Martin is currently living in Houston, Texas and teaches 2nd grade math, science, and social studies at a public charter school called KIPP SHINE Prep. She is the founder of an empowerment club for girls called RISE like a girl that currently serves 40 from grades 2-4.

Susan Kelly

Kristina Avisado

Ruth Orama

Jessica Gaeckle  is currently teaching K-5 ESL @ Leeds Ave Elem., in Pleasantville, NJ. She lives in Galloway with her husband, 2 daughters, and our 2 dogs. It is her 5th year in my district and 2nd year in a 3rd school. She loves being back at the elementary level, after spending 2 years at the middle school level.

Jen Espinosa: Began her career in Newark, NJ and then moved to San Antonio, Texas with her husband. She is currently working as a substitute while she gets her teaching credentials in Texas.

Kaleigh Kaithern Cella is kind, smart, and organized. She is great with children of all ages but a genuine gift to the youngest children. Mrs. Cella is a wonderful early childhood educator and is currently teaching Kindergarten in Verona, NJ.

Karyn Unger:  After graduating from TCNJ, she moved back to north Jersey near her family. She is currently living in Nutley. This is now her third year teaching in the Newark Public Schools. She spent her first year teaching 6th grade math and science at The Cleveland School. I then transferred to Ann Street School and have been teaching 7th grade math. She really enjoys the challenge of making math engaging and relevant to the lives of my students. She feels that she has learned so much since she started teaching and is looking forward to seeing where my career takes me!

Carolyn Remde- O’Dell is working as an English as a Second Language teacher for grades K-5 at Sandshore Elementary in Mt Olive, New Jersey. This is her second year teaching. She pulls small groups of English Language Learners each day for literacy based instruction. Her students range from beginners to advanced.

Mariah Alston is a teacher at University Heights Charter School in Newark, NJ. Last year she taught 2nd grade STEM and this year she teaches 5th grade ELA. She still lives at home and commutes to Newark everyday.

Cynthia Perez teaches both STEM and ESL in Edison, NJ

Shannon Stone: Since graduating from TCNJ in 2014 she has been living in Princeton, NJ. After completing the five year master’s program she started my teaching career in Ewing, teaching fourth grade inclusion at Antheil Elementary School. After that year she decided to make a change and move districts. She is now teaching fifth grade at James Madison Intermediate School in Edison. Her school departmentalizes fifth grade, so she teaches reading, writing, and social studies, while her counterpart teaches math and science. Just recently, she made the decision to leave teaching. She will be leaving JMI after winter break and continuing my search for the career that fits me best.

Alexandra Patrizio

Stephanie Pisabaj became interested in urban education in the summer of 2008 when she first attended the Urban Teacher Academy at TCNJ. She then began the Urban Education Program her sophomore year (2011). In 2013 she graduated with a double major in Spanish and Early Childhood- Urban and finished the 5th year in 2014. A few months after graduating with her Masters she received a position with Trenton Public Schools as a 1st grade bilingual teacher which means she has her own classroom like any other first grade teacher except she teaches in Spanish all day to only Spanish speaking students and transition them over to English later on in the year to teach them to read and write in English. Currently she lives in Hamilton, NJ and is still teaching in the same school and grade level and loving every single moment!

Priscilla Gutierrez

Stephanie Coughlan: Began her career teaching ESL in Summit, NJ and recently moved to California with her husband and dog. She is currently working on obtaining her California State Certification.

Robyn Beekman: After graduating she moved down to North Carolina where her fiancé lives. She is currently in her second year of teaching 1st grade at Knightdale Elementary School, which is part of Wake County Public School Systems.   Her urban placements at TCNJ have helped her better understand the Title 1 population that she is currently working with. She is very excited to be developing integrated thematic units. These help incorporate our science and social studies themes into all areas or emerging literacy skills to give students a better understanding of the concepts they are learning.

Erica Rolek: Once student teaching was over, she had an important realization that conventional classroom teaching was not quite for her, (at least right now). She enjoyed working in smaller groups and helping students in one-on-one settings, so she began to look for jobs at tutoring centers rather than applying for classroom teacher jobs. Lucky for her, she found an awesome company called Brainstorm Tutoring and Arts that is based out of Franklin Lakes, NJ (not quite urban). She is now the head K-8 tutor there, where she tutors students in every elementary and middle school grade in every subject. She has been having a great time there and feels extremely fortunate to have landed a gig where she is able to work with children of all ages, in all subjects. She is also concocting a few community outreach ideas to get our tutors into nearby areas like Paterson. While she is still in Jersey at the moment, her sights are definitely set on traveling and moving (inter)nationally in the near future!

Erica Roberts

Erica Paolucci

Maria Zullo

Desiree Ganz is currently living in my hometown of Hardyston, NJ and is working as a first grade teacher at Speedway Academies in Newark.  d1ganz@NPS.K12.NJ.US

Jennifer Lambert graduated with her Masters from TCNJ in 2014. She has her masters in elementary education and did math as an undergraduate. She also holds ESL and math middle school certification. She is currently living in Clark, NJ and is an 8th grade math teacher in Long Branch NJ. and

Amanda Torres

Megan Steinberg

Jessica Didyoung is currently living at home in Rahway, NJ. and working in a co-taught 1st grade SIOP classroom as the ESL teacher. She is currently at Adamsville Elementary School in Bridgewater, NJ.

Daria Wells